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Why should we donate eyes?

"The eye is the window to the world, at the same time, it is the window of the soul." - Shakespeare.

“Over 35 million people in the developing world are grappling with blindness or are at risk of losing their vision, and a significant portion of them can be given the gift of sight once again. Among these individuals, a staggering 60% are children under the age of 12. The Eye Bank of India has set a commendable target of procuring 150,000 corneas annually to meet this pressing need.

We’ve been blessed with the invaluable gift of vision. Why not extend this blessing to those who have been denied it?

Currently, there is a stark mismatch between the number of people in need of corneal transplants and the availability of donor tissues. Corneal transplantation remains the sole effective solution for restoring vision by replacing damaged eye tissues. It is a treasured and life-altering gift that has the potential to bring the precious sense of sight back to millions of individuals around the world.”

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